Hope 239


Two years ago a writing project titled “The Last Train Leaves at Midnight” was suddenly derailed by a new idea which stuck in my head and forced me to give it some attention. I thought by writing a short story I could placate these persistent voices and then resume work on “Midnight.” However, those voices were far more demanding than I initially thought. The short story turned into a novel, which has since turned into a series. Hope 239 is the result of those clamoring characters who refused to be content with a mere few thousand words. Perhaps their stubbornness is why I wrote them the way I did.  They refused to die in my mind, and now they refuse to die in the world they demanded I create. Now, two years later, those characters can now be heard and read. After all, that is what they’ve always wanted.

Hope 239 is now available in paperback from bookstores and Amazon, and it is on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. For more info visit Wido Publishing at the link below or head on over to Amazon.



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