I welcome you to my imagination: a small, highly-populated realm in constant flux.

I am from Salt Lake City, Utah.  I write fiction of various types, sci-fi, zombies, a little horror and paranormal, and an occasional  “real” life story thrown in just to keep the mental palette fresh.  I also dabble in non-fiction from time-to-time.  The main thing is, I write, write, write.  I do so in conjunction with Bismarck, my irreplaceable German Shepherd.  He is also my muse, first proofreader, and sanity-keeper.

I have a sci-fi novel, titled Hope 239, available now, in paperback, Kindle and Kindle Unlimited.  This is my first novel to be published.  To say I am exciting about this is an understatement—I am ecstatic beyond words about it.  I still can’t believe I get my book in my hands.  It has a long time coming and at times I feared it would never happen.  For more info head over to the Hope 239 page (it is on the menu right next to the About page). This is the first book of the series (or perhaps multiple series, we will just have to see where it goes).

Now as far as this blog goes, a few words of disclaimer, perhaps even warnings, are in order.  I write about whatever people or events I find interesting: zombies, history, baseball, sci-fi, pop culture.  I am not genre specific.  My mind tends to go in all sorts of different directions.  However, now that I have a few months of blogging experience behind me I can at least be a little specific with what gets posted.  I do not write about graphic violence or excessive gore, nor explicit sex.  I’m not a prude; but I may be slightly squeamish.  I don’t have any problems with those who do write about such things. I am a open-minded individual.

For those of you who followed along with the zombie apocalypse serial Promised Land Abandoned, I thank you. It’s been fun to write it. I do love the zompoc genre, though being a writer I’ve had to do my own tweaks to it.

I’ve just begun a new series of blog posts titled Poets of the Dead Society. This is still in its formative stages; however, I’m hoping with time it becomes much larger. In short, it is a place for writers, readers, and reviewers to share the works of others. As long as the piece has something to do with the dead, the undead, or a dead society it has a place with the Poets. For more info on this head down to the Poets menu.

And finally, I will post some non serial-connected pieces.  Short stories, an essay once in a while, or whatever else comes to mind at a given moment.

Well, that is all for the moment.  I am also on Facebook (Jeffrey Goff https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jeffrey-Goff/1554598921467583) and twitter (https://twitter.com/jd_goff) for those interested.

Thanks for reading.  Hope to hear from you soon.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Your stories are stellar and very fascinating! Thanks for posting them! Can’t wait for you to sign a book for me!

  2. Hi, Jeffery. I just finished reading your Hope 239 novel and liked it. I posted my review of it at Amazon.com. Jeffery, I am the most recent author signed on by WiDo.

    Joe Boudreault

    • Hey Joe! That’s awesome. I’m pleased you liked HOPE 239. Coming from an avid sci-fi fan such as yourself this means even more. I already posted your big-happy-sigh giving review on my Facebook page. Congrats on the deal with WiDo. I’m looking forward to reading your book…OCEANIC? Or is that part of the ocean mammal dolphin theme? Anyway, it is great to meet you, and I hope for many exchanges in the future. Cheers, Jeffrey

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